September 29, 2022



UNESCO Ready Campaign Launch


Today at Wanuskewin Heritage Park, Ken Seitz, Nutrien’s President and CEO, made a special announcement: a $3 million donation to the UNESCO Ready Campaign, as the Premiere Partner. This $12 million dollar fundraising campaign is to support Wanuskewin’s application to become Saskatchewan’s first UNESCO World Heritage site by 2025.


“Nutrien has been a constant support, not only in our day-to-day capacity, but as allies in our efforts to address Truth and Reconciliation. As we navigated early conceptions of what Wanuskewin could be, Nutrien challenged us to think bigger, to dream bigger. Nutrien’s gift to our Thundering Ahead Campaign in 2015 gave us the tools to build our beautiful convention centre, extend our galleries, enhance our programming, and help us to bring bison back to the land. As we pursue new goals,” says Darlene Brander, CEO Wanuskewin Heritage Park, “we do so with a renewed commitment to TRC and to the community we aspire to serve. As in the past, Nutrien’s support will play a fundamental role in our newest endeavor; to achieve Saskatchewan’s first UNESCO World Heritage designation.”


After completing its visionary Thundering Ahead Campaign in late 2020, the newly expanded Wanuskewin faces its next big challenge, the UNESCO World Heritage designation application process. The Park must meet the rigorous UNESCO criteria while it simultaneously expands its programming and resource management activity at what is now a greatly enhanced and multi-faceted Wanuskewin. A new exhibit hall with interactive displays, Indigenous art galleries, an enhanced trail system through multiple archeological sites, and the new and ever-growing bison herd are just a few of the important pieces of this one of a kind Heritage Park.


“Attaining UNESCO World Heritage designation will be a monumental achievement for Wanuskewin, the Indigenous community and everyone in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan,” said Ken Seitz, President and CEO, Nutrien. “Nutrien is rooted in Saskatchewan and is committed to advancing Truth and Reconciliation across our global operations in everything we do.”


MLA Terry Jenson, who brought greetings on behalf of the Honourable Laura Ross, Saskatchewan’s Minister for Parks, Culture and Sport, and City Councillor Hilary Gough, were also on hand to congratulate Wanuskewin and thank Nutrien for this impactful gift for Saskatchewan and Saskatoon.


“Wanuskewin is rich with history and culture and has been an important gathering place for indigenous peoples for thousands of years,” MLA Terry Jenson said. “We want to thank Nutrien for their generous support in helping them work towards a UNESCO World Heritage Designation.”


Councillor Hilary Gough added, “On behalf of City Council, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Nutrien for another monumental commitment to Wanuskewin. This leadership is important in a time when we reflect and consider what role each of us can play in truth and reconciliation.   We also wish Wanuskewin every success in their pursuit of UNESCO World Heritage designation, an honour and responsibility for all of us to uphold.”


In her closing remarks, Candace Wasacase-Lafferty, Wanuskewin Board Member and Fundraising Committee Chair, stated, “Truth and Reconciliation includes the acknowledgment and support of Indigenous leadership. Wanuskewin has a story to tell and it is one that cannot be told by anyone but the Indigenous voices of the Plains Peoples. With the support of Nutrien, our voices will be heard and the important work we do here will be recognized.”


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