Thank you for Considering a Gift to Wanuskewin!

Wanuskewin is a registered charity that relies on community support to help us fulfill our mandate to advance the understanding and appreciation of the evolving cultures of Northern Plains Indigenous Peoples, thereby fostering reconciliation and healthier relationships in our community.

Your support helps us advance our educational programming, maintain our exhibits and provide contemporary art installations and cultural performances that we share daily with our local community and visitors from around the world.  We also provide jobs for Indigenous people in a variety of roles including administrative, interpretive, culinary and more.  You will receive a special thank you from our staff and tax deductible receipt for your gift!


There are exciting times ahead for your favourite Heritage Park. We are poised to become Saskatchewan’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site by 2025, and you can help us as we work towards this monumental achievement for our community and our province. Here is how we will put your donation to work:

  1. UNESCO Dossier & Project Management – Ongoing logistical support will help us continue to work with all levels of government on the organizational changes necessary to be ready for UNESCO World Heritage designation (LEARN MORE HERE)! This includes completing our statement of outstanding universal value as it relates to the newly redeveloped park.
  2. Ongoing Programming – You can help ensure we can provide a full slate of programs for our visitors, especially the always developing insightful and knowledgeable interpretation of our vast archeological collection – an important component of the UNESCO application.
  3. Cultural Vitality & Sustainability – It is vital that WHP have the financial resources to ensure the proper maintenance of our assets and an ongoing creative plan to periodically refresh our exhibits and engage our community – from our amazing pre-contact collection to post colonization exhibits, visual art displays and traditional dance performances that foster community education and reconciliation.
  4. Bison Herd Growth and Grassland Conservation – Wanuskewin has a master plan to grow our Bison herd to 50 and to seed additional land back to Native Prairie grassland, expanding our preservation of one of the world’s most endangered biomes. We are also incredibly excited that the Bison calves to be born in the spring of 2022 will be as close genetically to 1870s Bison as has ever been achieved in North America!

Leave a Legacy

Many of our long time members and supporters may consider leaving a planned gift for Wanuskewin in their will. A bequest is great way to honour a loved one, commemorate your deep love of this spiritual place, or memorialize an important person in your life. Please contact Alan Long, Development Manager, and he will work with you to make these special arrangements on a case by case basis. [email protected]