Corporate Profile

Wanuskewin Heritage Park Authority (WHPA)

Wanuskewin Heritage Park Authority (WHPA) is a non-for-profit organization governed by twelve (12) Board of Directors that consists of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous members. The Directors are appointees from municipal, provincial and federal governments, the University of Saskatchewan and First Nations communities.

WHPA is not a federal, provincial, or municipal park, but rather a stand-alone entity under provincial government legislation as per the Wanuskewin Heritage Park Act, 1997.

WHPA has a Council that consists of Elders who represent the various First Nations communities who gathered in the Wanuskewin area. The Elder’s council ensures that the direction, planning and continuity of Wanuskewin are aligned with oral tradition and authentic cultural heritage.

The WHPA Board of Directors select a Chief Executive Officer responsible for the overall management and operation of the park. Operating income for Wanuskewin comes from a mixture of grants, park revenues, and donations.